MCPN: My Cultura Podcast Network is dedicated to celebrating and elevating Latinx voices, stories and content creators in English, Spanish, and Spanglish.

Our shows are about inclusivity, representation and the beauty of culture. Listen to original content from your favorite Latinx celebrities, social influencers, and top content studios. Try one of our shows today!

Meet the My Cultura Team

The Latinx audience is the fastest growing group of podcasts listeners. My Cultura is a home where we can tell our stories and be heard by all. We proudly represent a variety of voices, languages, flags, content creators, and especially nuestra cultura y comunidad – because representation is validation.

— Gisselle Bances, Senior Vice President

I joined because it’s about time we take control of our narrative! At My Cultura we’re making history, opening doors and making sure our voices and stories are heard by all.

Jasmine Mejia, Vice President

I joined My Cultura because it’s no secret that in Hollywood representation of our community and our stories is dismal; this network is here to change that.

— Arlene Santana, Supervising Producer

I joined My Cultura because I wanted to be part of a team that elevates diverse voices and perspectives, not one that simply reinforces the status quo.

— Brianna Flores, Producer

I joined My Cultura to not only do what I love but represent my Latinos in this field.

— Alexis Cardoza, Producer

I joined My Cultura because I believe there’s never been a better time to tell stories about nuestra gente, by nuestra gente.

Pablo Cabrera, Producer —

Making a positive and long-lasting impact on my culture is one of my missions in life–which makes me feel right at home with My Cultura, their values and the diverse Latinidad behind each computer screen.

— Nicole Garcia, Victory House Agency Founder and Creative Strategist

I joined My Cultura because I wanted to join a team whose mission was to help build the first-ever space for Hispanic creatives of all kinds to share their stories, told by their own voices!

Vanessa Vigo-Torres, Director, Client Partnerships —

Love working on projects and campaigns that incorporate our Hispanic/Latino culture and I feel very proud of my Mexican heritage.

— Monica E. Murillo, Manager, Senior Manager Client Success and Brand Partnerships

I joined My Cultura because of my deep passion for Latinx culture and storytelling. Growing up in El Salvador, I’ve seen the importance of sharing our stories and promoting inclusivity firsthand. I’m excited to bring my creativity and love for our community to this role!

Gaby Huezo, Brand Marketing Specialist —